Thursday, March 25, 2010

That didn't take long...

Just as a reminder: if you came here looking for Happy Smiley Fun Time, with lollipops and cute cuddly things scampering hither and yon, and unicorns pooping rainbows all the live-long day, you are definitely in the wrong fucking place.

Let's flash back to September of last year. I was preparing to make a major transition, both in where I lived and where I worked. I had no definite leads for a job, I knew no one in the area I was moving to, and had absolutely no idea how things were going to turn out. But, despite all of that, I was happy. You know why?

I was finally leaving the job I loathed. After close to two years of spirit-breaking, mind-numbing stupidity, I was finally breaking free. And I felt as if a great weight was being lifted from my shoulders.

Now, let's jump ahead to December. I had a temp job that was only coming through sporadically (not enough to pay bills on a consistent basis), and was offered another temp job through a different company. The downside is it was for the job I loathed. The upsides were it was with a different company, and would only be for a month. A month of guaranteed income while I continued to look for something else was much more desirable than no income at all, so I accepted it.

Now, we get into February. No income at all, looking desperate, and guess who comes calling? Yup, the people from the temp job for the job I loathed. They have an opening, they know my qualifications, the manager seems decent, so, against my better judgment, I accepted the position.

So, here we are at the end of March. The good manager left last week, the area manager's not the type of person I would want handing me toilet paper, much less overseeing my job functions, and to top off the sundae of regrets, today I was told ...

... you ready for this? ...


See, there's this thing I do at most of my jobs, where once I learn a skill or task, I can usually do it fairly quickly, getting things done in a more timely fashion. Most employers like this, as that means they can train me in other areas or have me do other things once the main job is complete.

Nope, apparently here, productivity is frowned upon.

I had no idea, and wasn't expecting, to be completely demoralized in only a month's time, but here we are. There's no more care to dredge up from the very bottom of Giveafuck Bay. If they want me to stay out until almost quitting time doing that one task, so be it. Sorry, I'd love to help you all out, but I can't work any faster because it violates company policy, apparently.

A month into a job is too goddamn soon to be marking the days until you get out of it. But, such is how things stand now.

I need some sleep. And another job.

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