Sunday, January 10, 2010

Didn't think it could spiral any further down...

Greetings, and time once again for the Weekly Wrap-up of Woe, in which I detail the events of the past week and put my own deliciously negative spin on everything, possibly making you re-examine your life and seeing it's not as bad as you thought. All this is done as a public service, no need to thank me yet, but there will be a pledge drive later on.

We'll start from Monday at about 2:15 am. This is the point that Bitey Thing (one of our cats) learned that maybe it's not such a brilliant idea to attack my feet while I'm trying to get some much-needed sleep. I will point out that no cats were harmed in the making of this blog post, and add that cat bowling in the living room at 2:17 am does wonders for helping one get back to sleep quicker.

Work progressed about as I thought it would, and when Thursday rolled around, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that work would soon be ending. Turns out I was correct. It also turns out that (naturally) the temp agency has nothing else in this area, so I am once again unemployed and back to pounding the pavement looking for some form of stable employment.

One of the ups for the week is that I finally got my Texas driver's license. I am glad I made enough money to get the fingerprinting scheduled (I do that on Tuesday) and that will be one less worry for the next five years, when I have to go through it again. Maybe by then I'll be working.

All week long we'd been hearing about the extreme cold snap coming into this area, and on Wednesday night it finally arrived, along with a nice coating of ice for the highways to make Thursday's commute even more interesting and exciting. It took me two hours and fifteen minutes to get to where I fill the truck with liquid oxygen, about double the time it takes normally. I lucked out in that the roads were starting to dry out once I got past Irving, otherwise it would have taken me even longer. Thursday was a fairly light day for the route, and I was even able to get a couple of catch-up stops done on the way home to boost me to a full eight hour day.

Now, on to everyone's favorite part of this blog: the status of the truck. Since starvation isn't really one of the best options, and because we had no other choice, we took the truck out to do the shopping. It started and ran fine, and started acting up once we arrived at the store. The way home was pretty dicey, but we did make it. I posted to a forum about auto repair and was told that it could be as simple as bad gasoline, clogged fuel injectors (the cheapest fix, maybe no more than 10 bucks for the cleaner), low fuel pressure (pressure regulator being the easiest and cheapest to replace), bad sensors, or vacuum leaks (about $400 for a new intake manifold). Add the fact that the computer hasn't worked right since I bought the truck (another $400 part), and it does appear that the truck should be put out of its misery and we should get something newer. Only thing is, most people want to be paid before they just go handing vehicles over, and being without job (and steady source of income) sort of limits payment options. And no, I still haven't hit the lotto.

That's where things stand: out of ideas, out of money, out of luck. I was able to get some leads and references, and I'll be putting those to work this week. Lord knows something around here should be working in our favor for once.

Stay tuned for another thrilling update next week.

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